Sensitive Teeth


Sensitiveteeth Sensitive-teeth-causes

In a healthy mouth, a coat of enamel protects the tooth crown. Under the gum line, there exists a layer called cementum to protect the tooth root. Beneath the enamel and the cementum lies what we call dentin. Dentin is a tissue that makes up the bulk of all teeth, essentially containing microscopic canals. And when dentin loses this protective layer of enamel or cementum, these canals allow heat and/or cold to reach the nerve cells inside the tooth and result in hypersensitivity or sensitive teeth.

Some of the reasons for tooth sensitivity are

  • Brushing your teeth too vigorously with a hard bristled brush, leading to loss of protective enamel layers
  • Grinding your teeth while asleep or clenching your teeth during daytime
  • Receding gums/gum disease
  • Decay in the tooth surface exposing the underlying dentine surface

Our dentists at FDOC are specialized in diagnosing the root cause of sensitivity and treating them accordingly.

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