Laser Gum Treatment

Gum disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults, yet many people avoid treatment for gum disease because they are fearful that the procedures would be invasive or painful.

For mild cases of gum disease, dentists at FDOC  offer gentle cleaning and scaling to remove the bacteria causing the disease.

For moderate  cases we have the services of local drug delivery into your gums. Unlike most dentists, dentists at FDOC are also equipped to handle even severe cases of gum disease without resorting to painful gum surgery.

Severe cases are treated using surgical approach . We also have service of the certified periodontist to offer laser treatment instead of conventional cut-and-stitch surgery.

Laser treatment for severe gum disease

Laser gum  treatment includes  rapid, safe and painfree gum treatment. Using laser your periodontist can even regrow lost bone without the pain, swelling, cutting & stitching of conventional gum surgery.


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