Best dentist in Pune #dentist

Going to the dentist’s office is something few people look forward to, which makes a dentist’s job more difficult than simply evaluating teeth. A good dentist needs a variety of different skills to enable him to do his job successfully, while limiting the discomfort of the patient.

Here are the few qualities required to be the best dentist- 

1. Knowledge

First and foremost, a good dentist needs extensive knowledge about teeth, gums and mouth in order to properly evaluate problems patients may have and prescribe proper solutions. The dentist should also have great attention to detail in order to evaluate teeth well and apply their knowledge. Dentists should be aware of different treatment methods to give patients options whenever possible. They should also stay informed on advances in dentistry by attending seminars and other continuing education programs.

2.Manual Precision

A good dentist needs to have steady hands that can perform minute and precise actions when performing different procedures on a patient’s mouth. A dentist’s fingers should be dexterous and have good muscular endurance so as not to tire during long produces, which may cause a slip up. The dentist should also have gentle hands that don’t use more power than is necessary to complete necessary procedures.


A good dentist will have excellent communication skills and be able to understand and relay complex information in layman’s terms. Dentists often have to explain procedures and make recommendations to patients, so it is essential that information is communicated in a clear manner. It is important for dentists not to come off as biased or favoring a certain procedure because it will bring in more money; the focus should always be on the patient’s well being.


One of the most essential qualities of a dentist is the ability to connect with and empathize with patients. A dentist should genuinely care about their patient’s oral health, and use their empathetic qualities to put patients at ease. This not only makes performing dentistry less stressful for the patient, but it can make things easier for the dentist as well. Allowing patients to view their own X-rays and medical records can help put them at ease and make them feel more involved in caring for their teeth.

5. Patient education

A dentist can be exceptional at performing procedures at a clinic, but the most important part of oral health is often the decisions and habits of patients outside of the dentist’s office. It is important for dentists to be able to impress the importance of oral hygiene on their patients and make the patients want to maintain the health of their teeth. Dentists should educate patients on the importance of brushing teeth and flossing regularly and avoiding certain foods, and other important factors that influence oral health.


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